What is Grace Kids Summer Clubs?

Grace Kids Sumer Clubs are back! This year we are doing clubs from June 9th-14th. We will have Sports, Theater, Arts, and STEM. In addition to their club-specific activities, every child will participate in meaningful Bible lessons. The goal is to develop a Christ-honoring attitude in all club participants as we explore, train, and create with each other.

All clubs will be led by passionate, experienced, and background-checked GBC volunteers.

Please check the grade requirements for each group before registering your student.

Dates, Location, Expectations, and Fees


  • Sunday, June 9th - Thursday, June 13th, 5:30-8:30 pm.
  • Celebration/Showcase: Friday, June 14th, 6:00-7:00 pm.


  • Grace Baptist Church
    3601 Ehlmann Rd.
    St. Charles, MO 63301

Student Expectation:

  • Attend Club meetings,
  • Bring required gear (if applicable),
  • Speak in an edifying way and avoid offensive language,
  • Respect club volunteers

Fees: $10 per child



Our Clubs for 2024

Stem Club:

  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics
  • Grade Requirement: 3rd-6th Grade Students (Fall 2024) - 20 Openings.
  • Description: The purpose of the STEM Club is to allow students to explore project-based learning activities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that will teach kids how things work and spark their curiosity about the world around them.

  • During our time together, students will:

    • Learn how to solve problems,

    • Develop critical-thinking skills,

    • Become comfortable with failure and trying again,

    • Learn to work successfully in teams,

    • Develop self-confidence

  • Required Gear: None
  • Register 3rd-6th.

Art Club:

  • Grade Requirement:

  • Description: Students will enjoy a fun place where they can express their creative skills using their hands and imagination! Students will host an art show at the celebration showcase to display their unique creations to family and friends.

  • Projects we have done in the past include:
    • Create your own T-shirt,

    • Paintings using tempera, Bristol board (abstract and texture),

    • Cardboard projects,

    • Designing maps,

    • Basket weaving,

    • Needle-point projects

  • Required Gear: Paint smock or oversized shirt that can get messy.

  • Register 1st-2nd, Register 3rd-4th, Register 5th-6th.

Sports Club:

  • Basketball, Floor Hockey, and Soccer.

  • Grade Requirement: 1st-6th Grade Students (Fall 2024) - 30 Openings.
  • Description: Students will enjoy running, jumping, passing, and kicking while learning core skills of Basketball, Floor Hockey, and Soccer.

  • Students will learn:
    • God-honoring attitudes of teamwork, graciousness, & hard work,

    • Team positions, basic expectations of each role, & usual plays,

    • Controlling the ball,

    • Shooting the ball when still and when on the move,

    • Recognizing the flow of the game, participating in it, & moving without the ball

  • Required Gear: Water bottle, shin guards, and a soccer ball.

  • Register 1st-6th.

Theater Club:

  • Play: "All Things Are Possible: The George Mueller Story."

  • Grade Requirement: 3rd-10th Grade Students (Fall 2024) - This Club is Full. 

  • Description: The Theater Club will be putting on a 25-minute play. We welcome brand new theater participants - this is a great opportunity to be introduced to theater! We’ll look at who George Mueller was (he started orphanages in England!) and briefly look at the history of theater. In addition to the the ordinary club times, the Theater Club will meet BEFORE clubs begin on Saturday, May 18 from 9-10 AM for Auditions. (Every registered student will have a part; the purpose of the day is to determine roles). Casting will be done that day, and scripts will be available for pickup from GBC the following week.   come to the first day of camp (Sunday, June 9) with their lines completely memorized. We will spend our club time putting our play together with lines, costumes, and set. We’ll also learn 1 song that will be a part of our play, and play theater games together. In addition to the week-long standard club times, we’ll have ONE (1) additional practice time on Friday, June 14 from 2-5 PM. We will present our play on Friday, June 14 at 6 PM for the Club Showcase. Please reach out to Leah Kolb with any questions: kurtisandleah@yahoo.com

  • Registration for this club is closed.