Discipleship Courses

On Sundays at 9:30am our church offers adult Discipleship Courses. These classes are topic-specific and run by quarters. While we will have course registrations [registration opens again at the end of 4th Quarter] for planning purposes, these groups are open for new participants year-round. Please join us at any time! Our current classes include:

4th Quarter A/4th Quarter B:
-Singleness/Helping Those in Life-Dominating Sins
-Parenting Adult Children/Caring for Aging Parents
-Global Christian History/Fear of Man
-Starting Point Membership Class (A/B)

Care Groups

GBC Care Groups are an important part of our church’s discipleship. These groups are purposefully small to facilitate deeper community, increase personal accountability, and enable more knowledgeable prayer.

Our Care Groups meet once per week in the homes of our church members or at our church. Groups meet nearly every day of the week and at a variety of times.

Some Care Groups are open to all while others are specific to gender, life stage, etc. For a list of open groups, please [registration for care group season is now closed].

Midweek Fellowship Class

On Wednesdays at 11:00am, our pastors offer a Bible study and prayer group for those of retirement-age in our church and community.

This group is open for new participants year-round and does not have a registration. Please join us at any time!