Pastor Kevin with Hika, Jim Smith, and Hika’s uncle “Harry”

A special blessing awaited me when I arrived at church this morning. Hika, a young man who spent a summer attending our church two years ago,  greeted me when I arrived.  Hika is a MK from Japan whose parents are leading a Japanese church in Hawaii.  He has lived all his life in the USA and speaks perfect English. After graduating from Liberty University with a business degree he has now been hired by an American company to live and work in Tokyo. I remember meeting Hika at IHOP at the close of his summer internship with Lockheed and praying with him that God would send him into to the darkness. Hika’s name means “light”. God has answered that prayer. His job starts April 2nd. He will be working in the challenging realm that all Japanese businessmen in downtown Tokyo face, long hours and a ton of pressure. It is a place that traditional American missionaries rarely if ever gain access.

Let’s pray for Hika’s business success, but more importantly that the light of the gospel will penetrate the darkness through him in a great way.  (Matt. 5:14-17)