Saturday was spent touring the largest city in the world.  With over 30 million people, Tokyo is a thoroughly modern city which obviously would take more than a day to see. But we were able to capture the heart of the city at two different locations.  The first was the at an ancient (6th century) Buddhist shrine where people by the droves came from all over the city to offer their money and do other religious acts not so much to worship a deity as to gain more control over their fate.  The second location was the ultra-modern technology district filled with arcades, anime, and pop culture galore.  It was quite the contrast in style, to say the least.  It is hard for the western mind to process in a few short hours how such places exist just a few train stops away from each other yet blend together to make up this city.

What was easier to see was Tim and Jenelle’s heart for the people of the city.  As we stood at the top of SkyTree (the tallest tower in the world), I snapped a picture of our missionaries looking out over their mission field.  They have a genuine burden for the hearts of the people in this city.  The task is massive.  So much of Japanese culture opposes the gospel. But without the gospel, this modern city, with its 30 million souls, will be lost in its sin and separated from their creator God for all eternity.  (Rom. 10:13-14)

Tim and Jenelle are penetrating this darkness.  They are learning the language, living in the culture, being careful not to give any offense, all the while knowing that the gospel offends. (2 Cor. 6:3-4)  They have faith that God will save and transform people through the Word of God.  I’m so thankful they answered the call to go.  I’m so thankful Grace Baptist answered the call to send them.