Yesterday, we were leaving the hotel for the day and we just missed the shuttle to the train station.  After an hour wait, we boarded the next shuttle, and God’s purposes were revealed. Jenelle was able to share the gospel with a Japanese grandmother who runs an antique shop in town. She invited us to drop by later in the day to see her store and pointed it out to Janelle on the way. So after lunch, we walked to her store.

We didn’t know her home was in the store.  She invited us in for afternoon tea and cookies.  We meet her husband Eugene and their dog named Bruna.   They were a delightful couple who savored the opportunity to practice their English. After an hour-long visit, we exchanged information and Jenelle returned the invitation the next time they visit Tokyo.

I realized as we left the store that we just experienced the first steps our Asian missionaries take in sharing Christ.  You begin conversations, you follow the normal cultural steps in relationship building, and you take every opportunity to its fullest extent. It was great to see that even on their brief retreat,  Tim and Jenelle’s desire is for these sweet people to know and follow Jesus.