At a checkpoint on an ancient Japanese trail.

Just a short blog to get everyone caught up on our journey. Blogging can be sporadic when traveling. Sometimes you don’t have wifi, sometimes you don’t have any time to put your thoughts together,  and sometimes you’re just wiped out.

After worship on Sunday, we hung out with the Chau family and visited China town in Singapore. On Monday, Emma, Ellie, and I were able to hang out together doing some shopping and having fun at Sentosa (a really fun part of downtown Singapore.) It was good to take a break and be “Dad” for a day.

On Tuesday we woke up at 3:00 am to catch at 6:30 flight to Tokyo. On the plane, I watched the movie “Darkest Hour”. I highly recommend it.  (I wiped tears at several points.) Best movie of the year.  I wish I could mobilize the English language like Churchill did, that’s for sure.

Missionaries Jim Smith and Tim McCown picked us up at the airport. It was great to see the McCown family and how well they are adjusting to life in Japan. Simon has grown a foot in a year. He is as tall as I am, and little Phoebe has found her personality. She is so bubbly and cute. After a brief tutorial on Japanese culture, we walked with the McCowns to a local restaurant for fresh sushi.

Crammed into an early morning commuter train. Find Issac if you can.

On Wednesday we woke up early and headed to a family resort area near Mt. Fuji with the McCowns. (Thanks to several in our church who gave special gifts to cover the cost for their family to get out of Tokyo and recharge.) After a great deal of travel on various forms of trains, my day ended with a welcomed dip in the onsen (Japanese hot tub).

Crossing a lake in the crater of Hakone volcano.

It is really good to hang out with this special family. They are making much progress with cultural adjustment and the language. Tonight at dinner Elisha received a compliment from the elderly hostess on his Japanese.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you about the McCown’s life and ministry in Japan. But that’s all for now, and you are all caught up.

Mt. Fuji poked out from behind the clouds.