Victory Baptist Church, Singapore

When God is the focus, culture melts together. 

Tears filled my eyes as I stood in the back of the auditorium singing with Chinese, Indian, American and Filipino Christians.  In the front room of a common house on Hillside drive in the Serangoon district of Singapore, just over 20 people gathered to exalt the God of the ages.  Of course, God knew who would be there and he knew what would take place but he received glory from the heartfelt singing, the gracious offering, the prayers of confession and intercession, and the attention given to his Word.

They were hungry for the preaching.  We studied from Matthew 5 about Christ’s teaching on salt and light and the impact genuine Christians will have on society when they follow Christ’s law of love and demonstrate good deeds. After the service, I had the opportunity to answer sincere questions in private conversations as these believers thought about how they might apply the truth in their own life.  We shared a meal together.  It was fried chicken, slaw, biscuits and mashed potatoes from Texas chicken (sorry KFC, their biscuits were the best). One brother named Steven told me that fried chicken on Sunday was the 8th Baptist distinctive.

Sometimes we make worship so complex.  It can become such a production that we lose focus on God.  Please remember today and each day that Worship is simply a response of all that we are, body soul, and spirit, to all that God is, says and does.  If you lose sight of God – you lose the ability to worship.  So fly to him today and worship.  He will understand your heart no matter where you are or what culture you come from.