After a good nights rest in the churches prophets chamber, we got ready for a relaxing day in a very modern city.  As a relatively young nation, Singapore has burst on the world stage with a wonderful mass transit system, first-class seaport, top-ranked airport (which boasts a water park at the airport), a gorgeous skyline with amazing skyscrapers, numerous modern shopping malls, an Israeli trained military, and a very high percentage of millionaires.  This nation city is the envy of its neighbors in southeast Asia.  Singaporeans are very proud of what they’ve accomplished and they should be. They are a composite people of Chinese, Malay, and Indian descent.  Their government is nonreligious and strives to be pluralistic in its dealings with religion.  Keeping the peace among Hindus, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christians has been a key objective from the beginning.  What does all this mean for the gospel?  I really believe that the wealth of Singapore could fund the spread of the gospel to the entire region if they would catch that vision.

Heading out on visitation.

We walked over to the missionaries flat and enjoyed a comfortable breakfast before heading out for door to door visitation.  I have to say, I’ve never used an elevator that many times on visitation before.  We covered three buildings that had 16 floors each.  The reception is about like it is in the states when someone rings the doorbell but that didn’t stop this group of dedicated workers from inviting their neighbors to attend the only independent Baptist church in the area.


Benji (9 years old) celebrates winning Apples to Apples.

After lunch at the nearest food court, the girls and I returned to the church for an afternoon rest and to do laundry (lots of laundry).  The missionaries invited us over for dinner and fellowship on Saturday night.  What a blessing it was.  Game playing (Apples to Apples, Uno), joke telling, lots of laughter and NACHOS and Coke Zero made for a perfect evening.  There is something special I can’t explain that happens in that setting. I think the biblical word is KOINONIA, we call it Christian fellowship. There are few things in this life more precious.  It surpasses the glory of the city by far, and it makes me long for our heavenly home.