Today we left Cambodia, the second of our four-nation tour.  We will arrive in Singapore and spend the weekend with the Chau family, first term BBFI missionaries.  Everyone asks us about jet lag.  I’m not sure if it is jet lag or just the pace that we are keeping, but we are feeling something.  We don’t want to stop.  Learning about the Lord’s work in each of these locations is exhilarating.   But when you combine the tropical heat, sleeping in different beds, eating different foods, communication in different languages, lugging 50 lb suitcases through airports and trying to pack as much in as possible, we are all feeling pretty fatigued.   I want to thank you for your prayers.

In Singapore, I will be privileged to speak in the church on Sunday and the girls will use their musical talent to sing and praise the Lord.  Pray that we will be a blessing to the Victory Baptist Church here in Singapore.

Here are a few photos of our trip so far.

Flying out of Chicago O’Hare

Ready for a long flight to Southeast Asia.

Trying lots of new food.

Sharing meals with our missionary friends.

Visiting interesting places.

Visiting a few old friends as well.

Going up river.

Shopping in local markets.

Participating in a Soccer ministry.

Visiting historic places.

Boarding another plane.

Attending school.

Making new friends.

Praying for a city. (Phnom Phen)

hanging out with the team.

Connecting with co-laborers.

Leaving Cambodia.