Most missionaries have long figured out that going it completely alone it tough sledding.  Sharing the ministry load can help maximize the gospel’s impact.  We met Darwin and Olga who have just been installed as the camp leaders, Joanna who is working at the English school and Rosemarie who is starting a ladies outreach by teaching cosmetics to unskilled females so they can both hear the gospel and become employable. But someone has to direct the team.  In the capital of Cambodia, there is no question who leads this group of young Filipino missionaries, sent here from the Phillipino churches through Global Surge Clearinghouse.

Meet twenty-six-year-old Pastor Rasul Tungao.  He is a single, good-natured, humble servant with a passion for outreach.  He continually reminded us that the mission was to share the gospel with the Khmer people of Cambodia.  He has lived in the capital for three years now and assumed the leadership of the church after a brief internship.  When I asked him what class he enjoyed the most in seminary he quickly replied, “Leadership Principles”.  When I asked him what was the most challenging thing he faced as a leader he said, “Having the confidence to lead people who are so much older than me.”  The second greatest challenge was keeping everybody on the same page.  He leads a monthly staff meeting of all the Filipino missionaries and key volunteers


connected to his church plant.  The 2017 year-end meeting lasted six hours as they reviewed all the key stats for seven different ministry initiatives and then strategized for 2018.  Last night over dinner he told me about the home he grew up in, his salvation experience, call to ministry and some concerns he has for the future.

After spending 2 days with Rasul I developed a deep appreciation for the training he has received, the devotion he has to the Cambodian mission work, the unbelievable sacrifices

he regularly makes and the spirit by which he leads.  He has the respect of the team.  He works to maintain his integrity and the Lord is using him.  I found out today that he does it all on approximately $400.00 of support each month because he just lost $100.00 of support at the end of the year from a donor who had to cut back.   He handed me a prayer card as we said goodbye.  Here are the listed prayer requests:
1) Continued spiritual growth.
2) Expansion of the Gospel to this Buddhist nation.
3) Church planting in Cambodia.
4) Wisdom and effectiveness in leadership.
5) God’s provision, power, and protection.