Tomorrow we are coming home.  Our desire and prayer is to be joyfully reunited with our families in 24 hours or less.

God is good all the time, but there are some moments in life when our minds comprehend that fact with more understanding and our eyes can see that truth with more clarity.  Yesterday and today the goodness of God has been displayed in so many ways.

Our team was so blessed to meet 11 new friends this week, and in just a few short days develop a love for them that caused us to sorrow when we had to say goodbye to them today.  We were so blessed to have met each and every one of them.  Most of them come from families who do not confess Christ.  But we shared the Gospel with them this week (multiple times), and most of them had heard the Gospel before and have a basic understanding.  We are praying for their salvation, desiring that God would snatch them from sinful death and fill them with the life of Christ.

Here is a summary of the activities that we shared with “our” kids at camp this week….. kickball, soccer, wiffle ball, football (Kevin Shepard taught them how to do a ‘touchdown dance’ when they scored), 3 ball kickball, dodgeball, sidewalk chalk art competitions, crafts, the salvation bracelet, bubble gum blowing bubble competitions, magic tricks, Can Jam, Spike Ball, Tug of war, and so much more.  Each day also consisted of a 30-minute lesson followed up by “Huddletime” where the lesson was reviewed and application questions were asked.  Each day we would also go over the Gospel using the Salvation Bracelets we made, and many of our GSM kids were able to share their story of salvation with the campers.  This camp opportunity was our main purpose in coming, and it is what required the most work.

But along the way, we went up to the top of the CN Tower, drove to Niagara Falls, visited an Islamic Mosque, had a 2-hour dinner with Missionary Hans, and drank lots of Tim Horton’s Coffee.

Each day was filled with lots of prayer, lots of grace and lots of love.  We learned how to follow others when we are not in charge of our own schedule, to work under pressure and be flexible, and how to play outside in the sun for 8 hours.

But the best way that the goodness of God was on display to us, was when we realized how privileged we are to know and worship the one, true and faithful God.  When we understood how many millions of people there are in the Greater Toronto Area who have no hope of a peaceful eternity in heaven, how many are deceived and blinded by a false religion.  But we are saved, we possess the righteousness of Christ, and there remains for us nothing to do to earn God’s favor.  God loves us based on the work of his Son.  Romans 3:21 There is righteousness apart from the law, the righteousness that comes thru faith in Jesus Christ.  And we are the privileged ones who know Christ and have received his righteousness.

This week we met a man who is so blinded to this wonderful truth.  And he is vainly working his ‘to heaven’ thru good deeds.  It was heart breaking to hear his story.  To know how close he was to the Gospel and that he rejected it.  In the end, his only hope is this, that his good works out weigh his wicked ones.  And that my brothers and sisters is no hope at all.      

I will leave you with the words of one of my favorite theologians….

We’ll forever praise his mercy and grace

Praise the Lord for his mercy and grace

‘Cause Christ took the curse in our place

Praise the Lord for his mercy and grace.

This is the goodness of God revealed to us this week.

Pastor Kurtis