Hi friends. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful trip yesterday. The day was uneventful, and traveling in the new van was indeed a blessing.

This morning we are worshipping with Middle East Baptist Church. This evening we will have our orientation meeting with the missionary we are working with, Hans.

Please pray for us, your brothers and sisters, by name… Kurtis, Kevin and Alecia, Abbi, Jena, Jo, Abby, Claudia, Corrin, Emma, Maddie, and Obi. Pray that God would do a mighty and powerful work in our hearts, that our eyes would be open to the need of the Gospel in all of the world and to all of the various people groups in the world. Pray that we would be humble and hardworking servants of the King. Pray that God would use us to share the Gospel with some who have not heard.

I love you, church. And I await our return to you with joy to report what God has done.

Pastor Kurtis