The week started out very busy. On Monday, Chris Harris’s step counter registered over 19,000 steps.   No one on the team complained, especially considering we were being led by 6 month pregnant Kaylee. The morning began with the men and women each going to different restaurants for breakfast. This provided opportunity for us to discuss what Amsterdam ministry life is like in a much more personal setting. After breakfast, the two groups walked together to the Amsterdam City Museum. The museum gave the group a brief history of Amsterdam, and explained the influences which have made it the city that it is today. When our time at the city museum was over, we had the opportunity to explore Amsterdam together before enjoying dinner downtown.


     On Tuesday, we visited the city of Haarlem. This city is located just outside of Amsterdam, and is home to the Corrie Ten Boom house and museum. We were privileged to receive a tour of the Ten Boom house from a member of Grace Church Amsterdam. She told us of Corrie’s belief in the gospel, and how that belief influenced every aspect of her life. Later that day, we visited St. Bavo’s Church. This is the church that the Ten Boom family would have attended prior to World War II. It is the oldest church in Haarlem, and is referenced in history as early as 1307. Upon returning to Amsterdam, the team had dinner at the O’Grady’s apartment with members of their community group as well as other members of Grace Church Amsterdam. It was wonderful to see our group engage with the people from all over the world who call Grace Church Amsterdam their home.