We began the day a little jet-lagged and a little overwhelmed…okay maybe more than a little.  Whenever you travel to an unfamiliar area you often discover that things are much different than what you expected. This has been both true and untrue for us. We can confirm that the driving truly is crazy, the best way to describe it is every man for themselves. The people have been genuinely friendly and helpful.  While these things we have  expected, others have caught us off guard. The evidence of war torn city, the public call to prayer and the over-all reality of the great need here for the preaching of the Gospel and local biblical churches.

We enjoyed spending time today with our host, exploring the city and eating at a local restaurant. Jessica was able to attend a fall like festival with seven sixth grade girls from six different countries! I had the privilege of spending time with my good friend, talking about the hardness and loneliness that comes with the work here but also the great joy and blessing of serving Christ in a place where many are not willing. My friend shared with me that during the 15 years of his ministry here, he has only had four visitors (including us). What a great blessing it has been to spend time encouraging them and getting to know them better.

Please pray for us as we will continue to familiarize ourselves with the area here tomorrow. Our hearts our challenged to spread the message of Jesus Christ into all the world, the only message that results in eternal life and most importantly the glory of God. As you read this blog this afternoon be challenged to share and live the Gospel of Christ where you are today!