Hello my friends,

Our time here is quickly coming to an end.  In some ways that is a good thing as that physically and mentally we are ready to come home.  In other ways, it will be difficult to say goodbye to my sister Karen after having spent this wonderful time with her, and we have gotten to know many the Kinman family and enjoyed our time with them.  It was also difficult to say goodbye to the people in Sumpango at Church last night.  We have really enjoyed our time with them and I am thankful for the Spirit of God which unites believers regardless of skin color, language, or socio-economic class.  There is more that I wish we could have seen and done, but our Sovereign God has already ordained what would happen on this trip, and I trust that He is pleased with what has been done and how we have responded. 

He has done a great work in our Life, but this work was not started when we arrived nor will it be finished when we leave.  This trip is just a small part of God’ s wonderful master plan that He is bringing to pass.  I praise the Lord for His Word which we have continually and how it challenges us to grow and change.  To die to self daily, Rom 12:1-2.  Which is our reasonable service.  I think that is the most difficult part of following Christ, daily death. 

Yesterday we were able to help Karen around her house.  It was a very profitable day helping her.  Leah did some decorating and sewing for Karen, while I helped with some small projects that needed to be done.  Church last night was very enjoyable, and we took lots of pictures of the people to share with you all.  The people are very loving and quick to smile.  It was sad to say goodbye, but I reminded many of them that if we would not see them again on earth, then we would see them one day in heaven.  That truly is a joyful thought and I look forward to that day. 

Byron, Donny, Wilson, Jonny, Brenda, Yolanda, Blanca, Jose, Louisa, Cecilio, Angelica, Darwin, German, Brendita, Jaime, Carlos, Esdras, Carlitos, Eddy.  These are just some of the names of people that hopefully one day you will all meet in heaven.  People who have been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in part because of your love and missions gifts.  It has been my great joy to see God’s work here on behalf of my church, and I look forward to sharing with you all when I get home what I have seen and experienced. 

Today, we are headed out on a three hour drive to Solola where we will spend the night at the orphanage and view the feeding center there.  Leah is really looking forward to this, as she has been wanting to see the orphanage for some time.  I am very thankful that she has this opportunity.  We will come back home Friday afternoon and will have dinner at the Kinman’s house of Friday evening.  I am expecting a good time with them as Leah and I get along with them very well and we are very thankful that we have come to know them.  Saturday we will begin preparations to leave.  That afternoon we will go to Kids Club and in the evening I will be giving a devotion (in Spanish) at the Youth Service.  Please pray for me in that endeavor, that I will communicate the Word clearly. 

Miss you all.