I wish you could see what I have seen.  You’re heart would be broken, humbled, and yet at the same time full of praise and glory for our Lord.  God is working everywhere, the name if Jesus is lifted high all over the earth. And it is great to see. 

The Gethsemane Baptist Church is located about 45 minutes outside of San Salvador.  It is literally in the middle of nowhere.  They run over two hundred in their church.  I tried to give you a glimpse of the church in the above pictures.  No plumbing, no water fountains, no pews, no powerpoint, no gym, no parking lot (no cars), no A/C.  But they have Christ.  They are not perfect, not better, just different.  By God’s grace they have come to know His Son the risen Savior.  And they congregate often thru out the week with none of our amenities.  They love to worship and they love fellowship.

Their pastor is Pastor Manuel.  In his sixties (I think),  he started this church, and from this church has given birth to a second church in another village a few miles away, and two more missions that are moving towards being churches.  He preaches or attends 4 services every Sunday.  His son-in-law is the pastor at the second church which runs about 50 people.  They are finishing the building for that second church.  Concrete walls, and a tin roof, and 3 Sunday school rooms/sheds in the back.  One of Pastor Manuel’s biggest needs?  A bus, so that his people can come to church in the dark and the rain.  Because they all walk.  I asked him, “Where do these two hundred people come from?”  He told me there are little neighborhoods all over. Here is the best part, a few of the neighborhoods are entirely filled with converted members of that church.  How cool is that.  His vision is to plant a church/mission in the 90-some villages and towns in his part of El Salvador.