New Life Baptist Church has been going strong in San Salvador for over 20 years.  The founding pastor, Pastor Julio, started the church in his living room and is still the head pastor at the church.  The church runs over 600 adults every Sunday in three services.  Their auditorium seats 275.  They have a three story Classroom/Office building next door.  They have a huge AWANA program, a seminary, and a private school thru the Third Grade (adding a grade every year).  They have helped to start or grow about thirty churches in the smaller villages around San Salvador.  They are consistently sending young men out of their church to be church planters/missionaries in El Salvador and Central America.  See

Another passion of this missions minded church is Metro America 0-20.      The goal is to plant a church in every urban city of 1 million people or more, in Central or South America between 0 and 20 degrees latitude.  This a big vision, but they have already sent a man from their church to Guatemala City.  His church runs about 60, and we are planning on going there this Sunday before we come home.  As you can see from their website, 60% of the people in between these two latitudes live in the these cities of 1 million people.  And they estimate over 220 million unbelievers as well.  Please pray that God would send more missionaries to these people that the Gospel of Christ would be proclaimed. 

I was able to attend the Friday night service with Jeff Rhoades, a BBFI missionary who is working with MetroAmerica to plant churches.  What a great time I had singing and worshipping with those dear people on a Friday night.  Their Friday night service is also when they do their AWANA program.  They have a huge AWANA circle painted on their parking lot and another one in their children’s building.  On Saturdays, they have 3 services for the youth, first the Junior High, then High School, and then College which is anyone single between 20 and 35. 

Leah, Jake, Karen and I were all able to go the 7:30 AM church service.  There were about 70 people when the service started and about 150 by the time it ended.  The  music is very contemporary with a band but the singing was great.  No special music, no choir, and a 1 hour message.  The pastor is preaching expositorily thru the book of MARK.  He will preach the same sermon three times on Sunday.  We were very happy to witness a baptism at the conclusion of the message as well.  The people were very loving and gracious to us.

A FEW PERSONAL NOTES – This church in San Salvador is more urban and middle class than the church that Karen and the Kinman’s work at in Sumpango.  Example, at this church they need more parking, in Sumpango no body drives.  There were more fair skinned people, they were not as short, many of them spoke English better than we spoke Spanish.  So we did not stick out as much, whereas in Sumpango we were white GIANTS in a land of small, dark, people.  Also, because the church has been in existence longer, there were many more mature believers than in Sumpango.  There the majority of the work is done by the Kinman’s, Karen and Pastor Jaime and Damaris.  At Vida Nueva the church body does the majority of the serving and the work.  What a blessing from God that Leah and I were able to view two completely different ministries towards two different classes of people, in two different locations.  It was a beautiful thing to see.