Photos 1-3 are children eating at the Feeding Center.

Photo 4 The meal, rice and carrots, with a potato fried with egg

Photo 5 Me talking with Angelica and Eddy after the meal.  Those two are very precious.

Photos 6-7 The church building at Quetzal.

Photo 8 Finishing the cement roof of the building.

Photos 9-10 Chuck Ward and I survery the potential all around the church building.

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On TUESDAY, we were able to do two of the things that we have really desired to do.  In the morning, we went up to Sumpango to view the feeding center in action.  The Feeding Center takes place in the lower level of the church. They set up tables and chairs in the hallway for about seventy kids.  There is a little kitchen in which they are able to prepare basic nutritious meals for the children.  For some of those kids, it will be the best meal of the day.  I praise the Lord for MANNA and for those involved with this concept.  What a blessing, at the same time to satisfy a physical need as well as give them the BREAD OF LIFE.  By this time, since we have been here for about a week and been to Kids Club, Sunday School, Youth Group, and church, any of the kids remember us and they look forward to talking with JAKE and playing with him. 

In the afternoon, we followed Jerry and Chuck Ward out to Quetzal to the new church plant/project.  The building is being built as we speak that will house the feeding center and the Sunday School classrooms.  God has really blessed the purchase of this land as it is in a prime area for sharing the Gospel.  The government just built a new elementary school for poor children 1 block away, and the area’s main high school is about three blocks away.  The entire church project will be built in 4 phases as money comes in.  Phase one is going on now.  In time a second story will be added over the current building, phase 3 is the auditorium, and phase four will place a pastor’s quarters and small gym on top of the auditorium.  What a blessing to see this project firsthand.  Grace Baptist Church, we all have given several thousand dollars for this project and we have a vested interest in the lives of these people.  BUT the biggest need is not the building, but a minister and a ministry here to share the gospel.  There are a couple of big Charimatic churches in this town of 140,000 souls but only one or two small works in which the true Gospel is being preached.  Please pray that God would raise up some men and women to help start this church that could be a strong foundation for Gospel work in this area.