Today we folded up our futons and put them away! Sleeping on a futon for over a week has been kind of rough on our bodies! We packed up all of our stuff from the Kings home and left on the Shinkansen to go to the Japan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting in Hamamatsu.

The meeting is held in a really nice building called Act City.  The hotel and room was like a western escape from Japan! We could speak English to all the workers and they understood us! This has been a first for us in Japan. Some people here know some English, but usually no one can understand us. We had a normal bed with normal pillows and a normal toilet and a normal shower! Well, normal for what we are use to in the USA. We are thankful for these things amidst all of God’s blessings throughout our whole trip!

The meeting was full of JBBF church-goers from all over the country of Japan. It was exciting to see the room full of Japanese listening to the word of God and praising Him through songs and musical talents. The meeting was split up into four sessions with sermons given by different pastors and missionaries.

After the first session we were able to meet BBFI missionaries Bill and Barbara Neel who have been on the field for 41 years and are in their eighties.  It was an encouragement to talk with this sweet couple. Barbara says if she could choose again to be a missionary to Japan she would do it all over again, regardless of the hardships! We also met BBFI missionary Ken Board and we went to dinner with him. He has a big sense of humor and an encouragement to us as well. He has been counting the days since his wife passed away. He knows that it’s God’s plan for him to continue serving here in Japan as a missionary. He loves to preach in Japanese. He shared a story of his first year of ministry here in Japan when his family was starting a church. He said they passed out tracts and invited people all the time and Sunday after Sunday no one came to church for a whole year! Finally after persistent prayer and preaching people started to come! Japan is a hard country to serve in as a missionary where people aren’t interested in the gospel. Even so, glorifying God amidst idolaters is worth it. It is even more encouraging when a person believes! Please take a moment to pray for both of these missionary families, Bill and Barbara Neel and Ken Board.