Today we had prayer meetings in the bottom floor of the building we are lodging in. In the morning and evening meetings we had about ten people total show up. In prayer meeting we read and pray over missionary letters in Japanese, George leads a short Bible lesson, and then we break up into teams of two and pray for each other’s prayer requests.

We had a Japanese church member stay to eat lunch with us at the King’s house because the Buddhist priest is at her house doing a ceremony. Her parents aren’t saved and twice a year the Buddhist priest comes to their home to indwell kami, pray, and burn incense in front of their ancestral altar.

After lunch we went to a shopping center. In the grocery store we found fruit baskets and flowers that are made for offering to your deceased ancestors at their home altars. We bought a traditional festival clothing set for a boy and a traditional straw hat to add to our display table.

Thanks for your interest in our trip. Please be sure to keep up to date and pray for the Kolb family’s trip to Guatemala. The Japanese churches are praying for them too!