Today BBFI missionaries Bob and Sandy Piatt came by and picked us up to go to the Ibaraki train station to pass out tracts. Their church is about a ten minute walk from the station. The tracts gave information about their church, location on a map, and had an insert with a gospel message on it written by one of their church members.

There were 500 tracts total and some of their church members helped us pass them out. We passed the tracts out to people that were leaving the train station. God gave us some cool weather to pass out tracts. It has been really hot here lately, but today there was a cool breeze and a light mist.

Passing out tracts in Japan is interesting. Japanese are inundated with flyers in the cities so the exchange of papers is almost a science to them. If you can get them to make eye contact with you they will usually take whatever you have. Regardless if they take the paper or not they will bow in respect as they walk by. The buddhists will place one hand upright to their chest and bow as they walk by as if to refuse.

Jenelle had a good conversation with Sandy about her and her husband surrendering to be missionaries to Japan. They talked about how God has blessed their marriage and ministry. They are leaving on furlough in a week and it will be the first time that they will get to see their youngest grand baby that is two. We can pray that they will be able to raise the support that they need and that they will be able to see their family while in the USA. The exchange rate is not in their favor, so they will need to raise strong support.

After we finished passing out tracts Bob got a phone call from one of his church members explaining that a family member of one of the church members had passed away from pancreatic cancer that had spread to his brain. Please pray for their church as some of the members struggle with the loss. He was not saved.

We went out to eat with the Piatts at a Japanese Italian restaurant. We discussed ministry in Japan and hurdles we will have to overcome if we are to be missionaries here. Japanese is a very expensive country to do ministry in and the value of the dollar is not in our favor. Please pray that God will provide for us.

We were able to go to a hundred yen store that was under the restaurant. It is the equivalent to the dollar store in the United States. We had a good time with the Piatts looking around at the different things that they sold and the different kinds of food and drinks they have here in Japan.

After the hundred yen store the Piatts drove us around town and showed us where they live. They also pointed out the local Shinto shrine that the city is named after.

Please pray for the Piatts!

The weather forecasts are saying that we will be getting hit by a Typhoon on Thursday. This is the day that the JBBF churches get together to have their fellowship meeting in Hamamatsu. Please pray that God will send the Typhoon somewhere else or significantly weaken it so that we can have a good two days of worship together.