Today we were finally able get some much needed rest and get caught up on our blog posts.  In the morning we wrote several blogs while over at George and Ellen’s house.  They have Internet connection there; we don’t have it in the church building we are staying in.  I was also able to talk to my children on Skype for the first time since we left.  It was so nice to see them on video and hear their little voices!  Thanks to everyone who is helping my mom and spending time with my kids!

Every Saturday afternoon there is a youth group meeting.  Today two girls showed up.  One left early for a trip out of country she is going on.  At the meeting, bulletins were folded and prepared for church service tomorrow and we talked and had devotion.  Then we cleaned up the old church auditorium and prepared it for evening service tomorrow.

We are enjoying Ellen’s hospitality.  She made dinner for everyone.  Tim and I enjoy their daily family devotion time.  Someone will pray before dinner, then we all eat and talk. Then they will pray after dinner. The plates are cleared and then hymnals, bibles, and a devotion book are all passed out.  We will read the days section in the devotional, and the passage in the Bible that goes along with it, and then sing a couple of hymns that go along with it.  Then finally someone will close in prayer, then we will clean up from dinner.  It’s a very special time.

This night in addition to that, Ruth had surprised Tim with a Japanese style birthday cake since it’s his birthday!  We sang happy birthday and he blew out his candles!  That was very thoughtful of her!  I hope you had a happy birthday honey in Japan!

George was not home for dinner as he was spending the evening discipling someone.  We are thankful that he is obeying God’s command to go and make disciples of all nations.