Wow, what an awesome day.  How cool is it, that you can begin the day (4:30 AM) staying with friends in Chicago (Matt and Nancy Hill), eight hours later you are looking at the Caribbean Sea from Cancun,  and then two hours later you are in the mountains of Guatemala.  What an awesome world, what an awesome God.

Some of you that read this have already been to the church in Sumpango.  So you know how cool it is.  Many of you may not have been to that church, but you have had the privilege of worshipping with believers perhaps in another language or another country.  And you know.  In those moments you are reminded how great God is.  That His grace reaches all nations, tribes and tongues.  That the Spirit is a great bond.  That God gets glory to himself when believers proclaim his truth and his greatness.  That 1 John 2:1-2 really does mean that Christ is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world.  And when God let’s you see that, when He lets you experience that worship with believers who are completely different yet identical to you, you can do nothing else but stand in awe of a great God. 

A few more things and I am done.  My son is awesome, not a single problem.  2 flights and a 1 hour layover and then church with a bunch of kids that talked to him in words he does not understand.  And he did great. 

Leah is a trooper.  She is tough.  Taking everything in stride, fighting her fears, trusting God. I am very proud of my girl.

Karen is doing well.  She will get to open all the presents that everyone at Grace sent tomorrow.  She will be very happy.   You guys at church did a great job in giving in abundance.

Alright, I am tired and I got to go to bed.  I am gonna try and post this my first blog ever, try to add a few pictures and then hit the hay. 

Schedule for tomorrow – sleep in, go buy some groceries, and then in the evening we are going to meet with some pastors and Manna reps who are down here looking to start a new feeding center.