Our first full day in Japan started out at the Smith’s home. In the morning I walked with Jim to the church building in Wakaba to help with some computer issues. Jenelle drove to the church with Amy shortly afterwards. We got to meet Nakahata-sensei who lives at the church building and is preparing to go to Bible Baptist Graduate School of Theology in the USA after Jim teaches him English. Jenelle helped Amy prepare some things at the church for vacation bible school tomorrow. I was able to make it back to Jim’s house walking by myself. I thought this is a pretty big deal since there are no legible signs anywhere and its a fifteen minute walk. When I got back to Jim’s house I set up the wireless network for him. In the evening Jim and I left to go to a men’s meeting at a nearby bread restaurant. There were two Christian Japanese men that ate with Jim and I. I learned some of the cultural differences between conversations with Americans and those with the Japanese people. I also learned about some social issues in Japan and opportunities that the churches have here to help fill those needs. Jenelle ate with Amy Smith who made yakisoba noodles. She used chopsticks for an entire meal for the first time. Amy and Jenelle talked about educating children in Japan and we determined that international school is not an option for our children since the price is far too high for a missionary to afford and the children would have to ride a train by themselves for long distances. Jenelle and Amy and the kids walked to a grocery store and ate some bread together. Seeing someone from America is deeply appreciated and exciting for the Smiths. The Smith family thanks you for sending us.