While at the Chicago airport we had lunch next to a woman that was on her way to a humanitarian mission in South Africa. We think it was an appointment that God had arranged for us to be with her. The three of us encouraged eachother on our missions and had a chat about how the Lord is leading each of us. What a blessing God had arranged!

Thank you so much for praying for our plane travel to Japan. It took us about 30 hours total travel time to get here and we were fairly exhausted. We got through immigration and customs without any problems. Missionary Jim Smith met us at the airport and drove us to his house. It took us three and a half hours to get to his house and the traffic was very slow moving. We drove through the heart of the capital city of Tokyo.

We got our dollars exchanged over to yen without any problems. Exchanging money helped me realize how much the dollar has lost its value in Japan. Please pray that more financial support would be raised for missionaries in Japan.

We have already had to make some cultural adjustments while we have been here. Everyday life is very much different from life in the United States. Life is very structured here down to the most simple things. Japanese people have been very courteous to us. The transit system seems expensive and very efficient. They drive on the “wrong” side of the road. The toilets, baths, and houses are arranged very differently. Everything is measured in Celcius and Meters. These are just some examples.

The Smith’s home is very cute and cozy. God has blessed the Smiths with a Japanese style house which means there are some cultural differences from houses in the United States. It helps the Smiths to have a home that is the style of the people they minister to. For example, the bedroom we sleep in has woven rice straw floors.  

We gave Smiths the presents we had collected in the suitcase in the church lobby. They were very excited and happy for the things we gave to them. We will be helping Jim and Amy prepare for some things at church today.

Thanks for your interest in our trip!