Our trip is about a week away! We have been preparing but still have a lot to do this final week. We have placed a suitcase in our church foyer to collect some hard to obtain items for our BBFI missionaries Jim and Amy, whom our church supports. There are only two items still to be purchase for them. We have been delighted to see our church family be so generous and loving to quickly go and get these items and fill up the suitcase. We will be honored to give them the items on behalf of Grace Baptist Church.  Thank you to everyone who has helped!!

I would like to share a story of an answered prayer. We had been praying that God might provide some extra money for us to be able to purchase some cultural items for people while we are there. Two days later, the Young At Heart Class blessed us with a love offering which was an answer to my prayer. We’re just so humbled that God cares about something that is seemingly unimportant. Praise God for loving us so much that He cares about the little details of our life. Going to Japan costs a lot of money but God is always faithful to bless his children. God has blessed us in ways that we couldn’t imagine.

We really do need your prayers as we go on this trip. God is in control yet we must zealously pray for missions. God has a genuine interest in people of all cultures worshiping him through eternity. We want to be an extension of his heart and put our efforts into making disciples of all people groups. Please pray for us to be obedient to the scriptures in our conduct each day on this trip and for wisdom in making long term decisions.  Thanks so much!

We also wanted to pass along some links to the missionaries’ websites.  We will be staying with both of these missionaries while in Japan. This will help to give you a better idea of who they are and what their ministries are like so that you can more effectively pray for them. George and Ellen are another couple we will be staying with as well, but they don’t have a website. Please pray for them also.

Jim and Amy