Sunday night opened with a reading of 1 Thessalonians 3 verse 1-8.  The prayer offered was that Grace would be encouraged toward God pleasing action as a result of the report given.  

GOOD NEWS!  I’m thrilled to report that immediately after the service Bro. O’Gradyhad ten or eleven names of individuals ready and willing to help serve the Daniel’s practical needs stateside.  I received an email today from a person who said they would begin maintaining Bro. Daniels email contact list for him.   I trust that we will quickly loose people to serve.  We all know how bureaucracy frustrates volunteers.  But consider, once the processes are in place, why can’t we expedite Rachel’s state side needs?  What about other missionaries?  How can we lift their hands up so that they can maintain their focus on ministry while on the field?  If you have some suggestions please contact me at the church office, whether you are a member or a missionary.  Grace wants to do it’s part in the Great Commission. 

I was asked to provide a list of prayer concerns for the fields of Uganda and Ethiopia.  I mentioned so many Sunday night that it is hard to remember them all.  I will post that list when it’s done. 

Below is an overhead view of the property Russ is praying about.  Please pray that God will arrange both the price and the funds necessary to secure it for this new church plant.