I’m typing this post from a computer in my own house.  I’m all smiles!  What a joy it was to go and what a joy it is to return.  God’s grace has been poured upon Rod and I in a number of way.  He is to be praised.  The short mission trip we embarked on to Africa had some specific goals and the Lord allowed us to accomplish them all.  We left the field having enjoyed Christian fellowship with all the BBFI missionaries currently on the fields of Uganda and Ethiopia.  God used our trip to encourage them in the work.  He gave us a greater awareness of the conditions on the field and a greater burden on our hearts.  He provided opportunities to share the gospel of Christ.  God led us to the field and he allowed a safe return to our families and ministries here in St. Charles.  Again, he is worthy of all praise. Mission accomplished.

Yet the mission is not done.  In a real sense our missions is now even greater.  We cannot sit by having learned about the conditions, we are compelled by God to act.  We cannot forget to uphold these missionaries, pastors and churches in prayer.  We cannot turn a deaf ear to their cry for help, we must give.  We are responsible to share with others about the great need of the Gospel so that God may speak to them about the part they must play.  Our mission is ever expanding.  It is far from accomplished.  It is ever growing. 

I hope you are planning on being in our church services this coming Sunday.  God willing we will celebrate His goodness together in the morning service.  I look forward to singing His praises with you.  In the evening service Bro. Rod and I will give a more detailed report.  Just as Paul was refreshed with the report that Timothy gave him of the church in Thessalonica as he waited in Corinth, I know you will be encouraged and God’s mission will continue.