One of the major concerns for the young missionary couples in Ethiopia is finding adequate medical care for their children.  They are still searching for a good pediatrician.  Wouldn’t you know that God was still at work when we boarded the plane to return home.  He placed a nice young couple across the isle from me on the long 17 plus hour flight home.  As one of the meals was served I saw the husband and wife bow their head and offer prayer.  Shortly after that I leaned over and asked what they were doing in Ethiopia.  She told me that she was on a two month internship as a part of  her medical studies.  She provided me with four different names of doctors who are practicing American quality pediatrics in Addis Abba,  two of whom are solid Christians.  Later today I will email that information to two anxious mothers in Ethiopia.  Thank you God for knowing our needs and meeting them in your way.