Many “thank yous” are necessary for those who made this trip possible.  Let me mention few in this log.

First of all I would like to say thanks to my loyal travel companion Rod.  He was such a blessing.  He is a true servant (Deacon).  One night after a long flight as I came down to the room we were sleeping in, I found that Rod had taken the air mattress and left me the bed.  I was humbled as I fell asleep that night by the way he continually preferred others above himself.  It was a real joy to travel with Him.  He was joyful, helpful, spiritual and sensible all at the same time.  Thank You Rod.

Second I want to mention the church staff.  Karen, Alan, Lester, Kurtis, Phil, and Jonathan all played a big part in allowing me to be gone from GBC for twleve days.  Without this cabable staff I could not have focused on the minsitry I was called to do on the field.  It was a joy to come home and see the work of the Lord didn’t stop or suffer in any way while I was gone.   To the staff – I brought back some of the best Ethiopian coffee and I gladly plan on sharing a pot with you at staff meeting next week as we all get caught up.

Third and most important:  I want to thank my dear wife.  She is a true helper to me.  I’m rejoicing to be home with her.  I missed her greatly.  There is no one better suited for me.  What a blessed man I am to have her as my wife.