Riding back to the Shadle’s home from dinner Amanda made this comment.  “Isn’t it amazing to think that at one moment you can be in Ethiopia and in less than 24 you can be back in your own bed in America?”  Yes Amanda it is amazing.  When her grandparents left America for the field of Spain many years ago it took them two months by boat!  I’m glad we have airplanes today even if you feel a little cramped.  

Please pray for our safe return and joyful reunion with family and friends.  Thanks for all your prayers.  I hope the blog has been a blessing to you in some way.  I know it has been a joy for Rod and I to reflect on some of our experiences.  This will be our last blog until we return home.  We may put more photos and even some video on the blog in a couple days. 

Dehna Hunu  (good bye to a lot of people in Amhariac)

Kevin and Rod