Today is transition day.  We started today in Mbarara (six hours southwest of Kampala Uganda) and I’m typing this email from the historic city of Addis Abba Ethiopia.  The drive up from Mbarara got off to an early start and we drove through spurts of rain.  We had our jackets on as we crossed the equator, the Ugandans thought it was cold.  We made good time and were able to have a leisurely lunch in Entebbe before Russ and Sylvia dropped us off at the airport.  Goodbye’s are never easy but on this earth they are a part of life.  One day we will meet without holding a return ticket.  I look forward to that meeting.  Many things were accomplished in Uganda.   Rod and I look forward to sharing with the church all that the Lord taught us and how our church can further affect the work there.  I hope you are planning to attend church Sunday night to hear our report.

As the plane touched down in Ethiopia, Rod and I contemplated how God might use us over the next few days.  Our schedule will be very hectic and busy.  Please pray for continued good health, endurance, and spiritual awareness.  We want to be used as God allows and desires. 

We made it through the airport safely and quickly with no delays at immigration or customs.  It has been very easy to travel here and we have always felt safe.  Several friends met us and welcomed us to  town. 


PS: Phil, I gave Eric your message.  He got a big kick out of it.