Revelations talks about the Gospel going to every corner of the world.  Today, we obtained a new understanding of this truth as we visited four churches in the Mbarara area.  The churches we visited are not far away from each other geographically, but clearly reach different populations.  Poor roads, limited transportation, and high gas prices makes Uganda a country of walkers and scooter riders.  As a result, churches will have a limited membership thereby requiring more churches.  One of these churches is in the middle of their missions conference so they gathered to go evangelize on the streets and in the market places.   Over thirty showed up!  They really have zeal for the gospel.


We’ve been received with open arms and have formed new eternal relationships.  Sometimes language is not a barrier but sometimes language presents a real challenge.  We have experienced a sense of the family of God and understand that the Gospel brings us together.


This afternoon, we visited an AWANA club and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the clubbers.  Games around the AWANA  circle were run in bare feet.  Pastor Kolb spoke at council time using a multi-colored soccer ball explaining the Gospel as he explained the colors of the ball. Witnessing bracelets provided by our own Grace AWANA Club  were given to all attending.  These kids knew their verses and their lessons.  The were anxious to answer questions and participate.  When it came time to pray, these kids prayed like their lives depended on God.  They realize that in a real sense, it does.  Many are just thankful to be alive.  If they get an education then they consider themselves doubly blessed.  

The orphanage is doing really good work.  The children taken in are provided a real education, nutritious food, and a Godly environment.  If you are looking to sponsor a child in a foreign country I can’t recommend this orphanage enough and they are really in need.  Pray about supporting one child (900.00 usd) for a year. I’m sure Pastor Kolb will talk more about this when we return. 

Tomorrow Pastor Kolb will be preaching in the AM service and then we will enjoy a dinner on the ground “Ugandan style”.  Pastor Kolb will also be spending the afternoon in a three hour training session with the many pastors and Bible Institute students for all the area churches.  Pray that God will give him wisdom as he responds during the Q & A. 

I’m praying for your worship this Sunday,