Sitting in the open air dinning area at breakfast this morning, a third divine appointment was arranged.  A single lady in her sixties came out to enjoy her breakfast.  Russ, Sylvia, Rod and I were sitting at a table for six and no one else was in the room.  As the waitress was sitting this lady at a table accorss the room I asked the grandma if she would like to join us for breakfast.  She was delighted to.  She  is on the last leg of a five week trip from her home in Wimbledon England.  She spent two and a half weeks in Rwanda and has now spent over a week here in Uganda.  She travels each year to different countries.  She never goes to the same place twice.  

After the usual introductions, Victoria began to tell us about the problems with the youth in England.  I took that opportunity to tell her that in our church’s missions conferences we had heard that many churches in England have been closing and have been turned into pubs and bingo halls.  She agree that there was definitely a connection between the moral decline of the nation and a forsaking of God and the church.   She said “I don’t know if there is any hope for my country.”  With that statement God once again provided an open door for evangelism.  I told Victoria that I have the privilege of telling our church in St. Charles about the hope we have in Christ.  How that when a person has Christ they have hope.    

Later Victoria said mentioned that She is trying to see as much of the world as possible before she goes.  Sylvia joined in and asked if she knew where she was going?  She said she hoped she had been a “good little girl” and that she would go up stairs.  Sylvia told her that she could know for sure where she would go.  

Victoria didn’t make a decision today but Sylvia made arrangements with her to join up for tea next week when they both will be in Entebbe.  Just image the detail of a sovereign God that he would send a Grandma from England, and a missionary from Missouri and sit them down at the same table is obscure Ugandan city.   That’s what I call a Divine Appointment.   Who might God sit you down with today?