Today we spent the day at the Queen Elizabeth National Game Park rejoicing over the creation of Jesus our King.  After a 6 am start and a two hour ride to the park, the day was divided in three segments:  morning with the land animals, an Ugandan-paced leisure lunch, and an afternoon boat ride getting acquainted the water and shore creatures.

Driving through some muddy unpaved roads, we watched for hippos, elephants, lions and cubs, Ugandan Kob, impalas, and wart hogs, shooting photos and films as we went.  We learned how spoiled Americans are as the three native Ugandans in the group shared that they had never before seen a real elephant.

Lunch included a tour of the park’s lodge, admiring the view of the lake, tea on the terrace, and finally lunch.  Pastor and Rod thought the lunch break was somewhat long, but remember we are not in America right now.  Maybe we need to slow down our pace as we certainly enjoyed the fellowship with the two pastors/church planters and one evangelist who had joined us for the day.  Russ Daniels decided to play with a chameleon which brought back memories from his childhood in Kenya.  The Ugandans in the group didn’t appreciate the chameleon, but Pastor Kolb had fund hamming it up with his new friend.

After lunch we took a two-hour water tour to see hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of shore birds.  The hippo population on the lake was a stark reminder that life is short and death is sure.  The first hippo we saw a dead hippo, but we were thrilled later to see a baby hippo that the guide thought would have been born withing the last few hours.

Tomorrow we will be traveling around the county checking in with many different small church plants and encouraging them.  We will also participate in the AWANA ministry at the Ntare Bible Baptist church.