Today we traveled by Toyota van six hours south and west to the town of Mbrara where the Ntare Bible Baptist Church is located.  Pastor Naboth (In photo to the Left) greeted us warmly at the prayer meeting tonight despite suffering from severe pain in his kidneys.   After the service He asked me how I liked my ride down from the capitol city.  I tried to be polite and not mention anything about all the potholes in the road.  So he asked me specifically if I like the potholes.  I had to tell him the truth.  I don’t really like them, neither does my back.  He then explained to me the “fellowship of the Pot holes”.   He said “Christian are like potholes”.  Some are very shallow and some are very deep.  He told me every time he hits a pot hole he praises the Lord for the deep Christians.  It has changed his view of Ugandan pot holes.  So as I too give praises to the Lord for the deep Christians I will be part of the “fellowship of Pot holes.” 

Right now Rod and I are  tasting “Jack fruit” for the first time.   Not bad.  Very different. Tastes something like strawberry banana mixed up.  This is a road side fruit stand where we purchased the “Jack Fruit”.   the Jack fruit looks like a long watermellon but has the texture of a hedge apple.  Russ thought he could  pick out a ripe one by thumping them. 

The church here at Mbrara was very excited to receive us in the service tonight.  There are a ton of kids here and they all want a hung.  Rod and I are glad to give them.  They are so precious.  

We are looking forward to spending tomorrow with some national pastors who have been mentored by Bro. Russ.  We will fellowship as we drive through a safari and we may even take a boat ride that reminds most Americans of safari boat ride at Disney Land.  Only this one for real.  

Consider joining the fellowship the next time you hit a pot hole. 

Have you ever thought your pastor had a split personality? – this photo proves that today he did.