A man who is waiting for a seat on an oversold flight walks up to the United Airline employee and asks for an aisle seat.  Meanwhile Rod and I are wondering why I got 10A and he got 10C.   We summarized that there must not be a 10B.   We forgot to think about the fact that God sometimes puts empty seats between travel companions so God’s work can be done.   A man name Brian was given 10B by divine appointment.  Now here is “the rest of the story.”

It wasn’t long after I got on the plane that I realized the empty seat next to me would be my first divine appointment of the trip.  Who would God place beside me for the first leg of our departure?   The man who sat down seemed nice enough I thought and then he pulled out a book titled “Learn the Bible in Twenty Four Hours”.   So I said a prayer and waited for all the instructions on what to do if the plane goes down to be completed, and then I asked him.  “Is that a good book?”  That little question lead to a two hour conversation with a new friend in the faith named Brian.  Brian has known the Lord for many years and has in fact served the lord as a missionary in Thailand and England.  Most recently he served in a difficult pastorate in the northeast.  Brian is now in a waiting period in his life.  He desires to continue serving in ministry, but for the time being, he is learning contentment in the mundane world of secular employment.  He was leaving his home to fulfill a six week duty for his company here on the east coast.  I had a chance to practice being quick to hear and slow to speak even before I get to the missionaries on the field.

What a joy it was to speak of the mercy, grace, love, wrath, patience, longsuffering, and sovereignty of the God we both know and love.  We shared many verses with each other and thanked God for arranging our seating assignments.  I’m now blessed to have another brother praying for the trip we are embarking on.   Brain, I hope you were blessed in knowing that God knows where you are and what you need even in secular employment.   I know God had a plan for your continued ministry.  I’m praying it will be made clear in his time.    As Brian and I said good bye in the airport terminal we were both aware that we would meet again and that God had just done something very special in our lives.

As for Rod, He sat across the aisle and read a Ugandan etiquette book.  I’m sure it will come in handy.  I’ll have to read it when we fly out of D.C. tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.   And don’t forget to look for your own divine appointments.  You never know who God will sit next to you.