As I worked on my sermon for this Sunday I began to think about the two trips I’m getting ready to take.  One to Africa on an airplane and another to Heaven in the Rapture.

Ten reasons why going to Heaven is better than going to Africa 

  1. You won’t get sun burned in heaven.
  2. No need for anti malaria medicine in heaven.
  3. There is no language barrier in heaven.
  4. The exchange rate is much better in heaven – in Africa it’s dollars for shillings, in heaven it’s corruption for in-corruption. 
  5. No Carrying luggage through the airport on your way to heaven. (you either send your valuables ahead or you leave it all here.)
  6. It’s a much shorter flight to heaven. (no layovers)
  7. If security has your name in heaven – it’s a good thing.
  8. You won’t be saying goodbye to loved ones in heaven.
  9. The ticket to heaven is paid for by someone else.
  10. In Africa we will have the privilege of preaching Jesus.  In heaven we will have the privilege of being with Jesus.