Today the team separated to work on two different projects. The ladies were able to spend the day with Christine at the home they recently moved in to, while the men went back to the church in Sumpango to work on the ditch.

Imagen 072

corner flower garden

The highlights for the ladies included a wonderful time as Christine was able to open the gifts brought down to her from GBC family.  They were able to go with her to the Christian School that Christopher and Austin attend and got a tour of the school. They hung curtains, organized and help put things away from the recent move. A special project involved getting many of her favorite flowers. The ladies all worked together and made a flower garden in the corner of the yard. It will be a beautiful reminder of the visit and her Grace family continually praying for her.

The men went back to the church in Sumpango and began filling in the ditch where a local worker, Pablo had already begun sealing the building. Several men under Jason’s direction continued sealing and the rest moved dirt. Pastor Phil and Andrew took turns on visits to family with Aaron and the national pastor.

The night was capped with an awesome steak dinner enjoyed by all at Hacienda Real in Guatemala City. The food was amazing and the fellowship even better.

Tomorrow projects include passing out flyer’s, Kids Club, the ladies spending time with Christine and her discipleship group, and Pastor Phil speaking for youth service. A couple of the men will team up to complete the last part of the ditch.

The team continues in good health. We all appreciate your prayers. We unfortunately are not able to post pictures from the computer where we are staying so I have to email a few back to St. Charles to be posted from there. Sorry for the delays in posting any pictures.