Yesterday (Thursday) was an exciting day. After a ride through the country side for a couple of hours snugly packed in the bus and Aaron’s vehicle we arrived at the zip lines. It is a beautiful mountain side with 8 different lines running down from about half way up. What we didn’t figure on was the 25 – 30 minute walk up the mountain with the harness equipment on. It became a prayerful challenge by most. We had Aaron and Christine’s kids, Christopher and Austin leading the way for inspiration. Grandma Dean lead the charge down. 

After the zip lines, the team enjoyed an authentic lunch in the village.  Most of the team tried a more authentic Guatemalan dish under Aaron’s careful direction. Pastor Kevin went the other direction and had a Hawaiian Pork Chop. This is not what you would see in Hawaii. It was Pork Chop meat piled on a stick served in a pineapple. Concluding the lunch the chief chef brought out a slice of chocolate cake with candles and the staff at the restaurant sang, in fairly good english, Happy Birthday to Grandma Dean. 

A couple of hours spent at the Eagles Nest Orphanage brought out a lot of compassion for the ministry work. We had time to play with the 13 or 14 kids that are now there and tour the beautiful site. Bro. Boggs shared one of their prayer requests with the team concerning adoptions. Right now the government has closed all adoptions. They are praying that with the final paperwork completed the new government will approve the home to begin adoptions. Currently there are no orphanages open by the government in the country.

Today (Friday) will have the men completing the project at the church, making visits with Aaron and the national Pastor. The women working with Christine on many various projects from her home.

Please continue to pray for safety and health and ministry opportunities as we work with the McKnights in Sumpango.