We have completed a busy day at the church in Sumpango.

The men were able to get the 100′ ditch completely dug 150cm down in one day. We are ready to work with some of the men from the church on Friday completing the next stage of sealing the wall. Pastor Kevin commented that he appreciated the way that relationship was put before the task and everyone put the team first. The ladies spent the day working in the Feeding Center, cleaning items, and working on posters for the kids classrooms.

The evening service was highlighted by Grandma Dean sharing her personal testimony (without crying), the group singing, and Pastor Kevin bringing a message from Romans 3. It has been very exciting to see the Lord working in the varoius ministries today.

Tomorrow the plans have change slightly and will be a sightseeing day. We look forward to the zipline, boat cruise, and time at the Eagles Nest Orphanage.

Please continue to pray for health, safety and the opportunity to share the love of Christ to the people in Sumpango.