We spend Saturday as tourists. Dale brought a devotion and did well for speaking in front of a group for the first time ever.

We went to San Christobal, which is a mountain in Lima. We could see over much of Lima, though it was a hazy day. We could easily see the Bullfighting ring and a plaza with pools built to reflect the moon. It is a love story, but apparently no one but the king loved her. The rest of the nobility called her names. The trip up and down the mountain is …umm… exhilarating. It is a narrow steep twisty road. The bottom half is driven through tight densely packed dwellings. We had to back up several times to allow others to pass. Before descending our driver and his wife crossed themselves, which did not inspire confidence. But God saw us down safely.

We went to the Museum of the Inquisition in Lima. It is a sad chapter in Peru and the Catholic church´s history. We saw the dungeons people were kept in and examples of the torture used to extract confession. The Inquisition used a form of waterboarding to extract confessions. The Peruvians are not happy about that part of their history. The Catholic church and the Peruvian culture are very closely entwined. The influence of the Catholic church over everyday life in Peru is still extensive though hardly anyone goes to Mass or tries to honor the teachings of the Catholic church.

Then off to the Plaza in Lima. It was bustling with people. American cities just do not function this way. So many people and nearly none free from the darkness and death of their sin.

Off to the Catholic church that was built in the 1600s. It has withstood many earthquakes and has had portions rebuilt due to damage. Our tour guide spoke in English but this was his first tour given in English, so as you can imagine a lot was lost. It had an impressive library, choir loft, a lot of graphic art depicting martyrdoms. It was the center for justice, education and government for quite a while in South America.

We saw the catacombs which were being excavated. Hundreds upon hundreds of bones. There was a well that was 30 meters deep and had about 20 meters of human bones filling it. Many people have been buried there. It was very sad in many ways, because so much superstition is tied to the church here. It makes one wonder what these folks actually believed as opposed to what they called themselves. The result seems to be much confusion about truth and very little hope in this life or the next.

Then shopping at the Inca Market. We were thankful to have Rachel and Cece help us with the transactions.

Then to a Brazilian style restaurant where they brought various meats on a long kabobs and cut pieces at your table. You used your tongs to pull the meat off. There was chicken, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, lamb, prime rib, ostrich (it tasted like a well done roast), three different types of sausages and everyone’s favorite lomofino (beef tenderloin!). There was also a full buffet of warm and cold dishes. You had a disk with red and green sides. If you wanted them to continue to bring the meat to your table, then leave the green side up. If done flip the disk to the red side and they cleared your plate. It was a fun and relaxing day.

Tomorrow it is off to Rachel’s church, a debrief of our trip with Brent, evening church at Cece’s church and then to the airport.

It has been a long week
It has been a fast week
It has been a tiring week
It has been a rewarding week

We will see everyone in about 30 hours – Lord willing.