Thanksgiving evening was spent with Ceclia’s family. We went to Juan and Isabel’s home. That is Cece’s Sister and brother in law. Her parents and brother also were there. We sampled some traditional Peruvian deserts.

Turron is a pastry with fruit and honey between the layers and candy sprinkles on top. It is somewhat heavy and good with coffee.

Arroz con leche is rice pudding.

Mazamorra morada is purple corn mixture with fresh fruit. It is purple in color almost like grape jelly. It is thick but not like jam or jelly.

Picarones is deep fried squash, sweet potatoes and flour and topped with sugar cane syrup. It has the texture of funnel cakes but with a wonderful doughnut-y flavor. The sugar can syrup is similar to molasses in taste and consistency.

Humitas is similar to tamales but with a different corn and stuffed with cheese. It was not very sweet but nice to eat.

After enjoying the delicacies we sang Christmas carols. Some in English, some in Spanish. A new trio was formed this night. Kevin, Mike and Dale sang “God Rest You Merry Gentleman.” We quickly titled ourselves “the Guapo, the Grande and the Gordo” which in English is the “The Handsome one, The Large one, and the Fat Guy.”

We listened as Juan explained some of Peru’s history and culture and how they are obstacles to both the Gospel and the progress of the country. Pastor prayed a simple prayer in Spanish for which the family appeared appreciative.

We experienced Christian fellowship with Peruvians. It was a wonderful time.