Today Rachel allowed us to sleep in. Brian was able to eat a couple of breakfasts this morning. He was quite pleased. The girls have been a model of teamwork, preparing food and cleaning up. Even doing laundry with unreliable water source and they always have a pleasant demeanor.

We went to Manchay in north east part of the city. We climbed into a mountain for the first time. It is amazing how steep an incline people will build. This is a squatter community where no one owns any of the land they build on. There are 300,000 souls in this area, all poor with not services we consider essential. Water is trucked into a community tank servicing about a hundred homes. Folks come down and draw their water every day and carry it back up the mountain.

Today we handed out gospel tracts and invitations to a children’s festival and a ladies bible study. Then we went down to the church which is also a medical clinic. The clinic helps connect the church to the community. This is the first church parking lot we’ve ever seen that is surrounded by barbed wire fence. Then we ate lunch and waited. The men played soccer with Eric and Pedro. Rachel said they would come, and sure enough they started rolling in. They walked along the road and came out of the hills. Pastor Kolb stood out on the road called the children in. We wound up with 150-200 children. It was chaotic and wonderful. Rachel ran the program, we had the puppet show with the Spanish soundtrack. Then we had several activities for the children. Chris nearly caused children to be squashed by the way he was distributing gifts donated by his employer. Cece corrected the way he was dispersing the items and fortunately everyone survived.

Rachel and Cece sent home the children whose mothers were not attending the ladies’s bible study. Rachel mentioned that Melissa did a wonderful job with the devotion. Melissa seemed to know exactly how much information to give before allowing the translator to translate.

Meanwhile the men handle about 80 children and letting them run wild and keeping them from killing each other. Ok, not really but that is what it felt like sometimes. We played soccer and the Frisbees were another big hit here. Many questions for candy or gifts. Many questions we had no clue what they asked. Mike was asked by two sister to come and meet their mamacita right over there. He politely declined.

Cece said the children were excited about this day for a couple of weeks. They were excited about seeing white people. It was very difficult to leave, they did not want us to go and we enjoyed them immensely.

Back to the guest house for Dominos pizza. Tomorrow we play the tourist. we will be visiting the Inquisition mueseum and catacombs, along with several other sites. we will also be able to do some shopping.

Then Sunday we are off to the church in Chacrilla, this is Rachel´s church. Sunday even has in Cece´s church in Salamanca. Pastor Kolb will be preaching in both services with a translator.

After that we leave the church and head right to the airport to come home. This is likely the last blog from Lima due to scheduling.

We have had a wonderful time. The people have been friendly and interesting. But there is much darkness and corruption in Peru. We look forward to sharing more on Sunday night December 2nd. We appreicate all the prayers as we have encountered endless possibilities and potential complications.