Rachel’s school is located in a nicer section of Lima. It is built into the side of the mountain as many of the other buildings in Lima. The school is clean and well run. Most all the teachers are Americans along with a Peruvian helper. The Americans don’t always speak Spanish well so the Peruvians help, especially with the younger ones.

We were allowed the chapel service and Brian did a great job preparing us and running the service. The children were adorable and fun. The puppets shows were well received. Esther and Colton were up first and did well. Shawn and Kevin have alter egos that came out with pieces of felt attached to their hands. They were crazy and the kids went wild. Heidi taught them a song the and appropriate hand motions. Nicole and Melissa sang beautifully as usual. And Tim and Jenelle did a family skit to teach about Thanksgiving. They did a marvelous job.

We toured the facility and learned that the Peruvian military is combining their military academies into a single school. They have reached an agreement to use the seminary attached to Rachel’s school. In exchange for the use of the facilities, the seminary will have unhindered access to the military cadets to teach the gospel. The school is free to offer classes on the Bible and ethics, the government will sanction the classes. It is an amazing opportunity for the school to affect the leadership of Peru.

We were allowed to step into various classes and observe them. Grade schoolers are the same the world over. Though we may not have understood the words, we knew what was going on, with the giggling and the pointing. One of the children asked Mike what he eats. He wasn’t curious about America, he just wanted to be big.

It is easy to see Rachel has found her place in missions. She really does a fine job.