This is a few blocks from Rachel’s home. We went here after lunch and did street evangelism. We set up the puppets and went around inviting children in the area, well Rachel and Ceclia did. We got out Frisbees and tracts. We eventually gathered 20-30 children. Rachel ran this program and we did the puppet skits again. Only this time it was to a Spanish sound track. (Many thanks to Ishmael and his friends for doing this for us back at Grace). Watching the puppet show was like watching a dubbed Kung-Fu movie. The mouths of the puppets never lined up just right with the voices. It was amusing, but the children did not seem to mind. Rachel sang songs and brought a lesson. It ended with “Jesus Loves Me” in Spanish. The people were polite but not as welcoming as at Pisco. Rachel and Cece explained this is normal for the middle class in Lima. Then it was off to Rachel’s home for that favorite Peruvian dish – Spaghetti! While eating we took the opportunity to call home, check email and watch Peru get pummeled by Ecuador 5-1 in Quito.