Magical Water Circuit at the Reserve Park

Rachel and Cece took us to see the fountain park at night. It is beautiful. One of the fountains has jets coming out of the ground, synchronized to music. The children would run into the fountains and try to stop on an open space. If successful they avoided a direct blast from the spray. As Chris watched, his body began to quiver and twitch like a tuning fork on a resonant frequency. Soon he could no longer restrain himself and at the slightest of urgings from his Pastor, he was off like a shot into the fountain with other Peruvians children. It was glorious as the crowd cheered him. Then he lost his footing and his feet shot out from underneath him. His behind thudded onto the concrete and the ground cracked with the force of his fall. Ok maybe the concrete didn’t crack, but it was funny to watch. Anyone reading will be able to watch once we get it posted to you tube upon our return. Bill Southard, I’ll burn it to CD so you and Sheila can enjoy your son in all his glory over and over again.

Of course, once Chris fell he was pummeled by the water from the jets. So the contraband jacket purchased at the Inca market provided Chris with warmth and dry clothes.

The fountains contain the highest fountain in the world. It shoots a column of water 80 meters into the air. It was a beautiful place and a must see for anyone visiting Lima.