We had an uneventful trip to Lima which is almost an event in itself.

Immigration, baggage pickup and customs we all smooth. thanks for the prayers. When we left the customs area we were bombarded by sensory input of people. Hundreds of people all looking in for there special person. We were looking out at a sea of faces. Thankfully our special people saw us. Brent Williams and Rachel were there to get us to the house.

We crammed all our bags into the bus Brent had rented for us. The buses themselves are amazing. From minivans to 15 passenger buses, they run routes and employ a second man to collect fares and make people move so new riders can get on. In just our first day we saw some incredibly overcrowded buses. On the highway, a man was standing in the open door area with half his body outside the bus. We have had so many near misses that they ceased to be worth noting after 20 or so.

We arrived in the early morning and there was a haze over the city. The haze is countinuous but noticable primarily at night.

The fanciest and most attractive buildings we saw were the casinos and the restaurants, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns.

The home is wonderful. It is large enough that we are not running over one another yet is not a situation we’d like to have as permanent.

The second floor lobby is outside with stairs leading to the flat roof. In the morning on the roof we saw everyone else’s laundry (Saturday must be laundry day) and the mountains that surround Lima. These are not the majestic soaring awe-insiring Andes, but rather look like giant piles of dirt, as if a beautiful ridge of mountains has several feet of dust dumped on it.

We finally went to bed around 3:30am.