This morning is beautiful. The mountains are clear and the temperture is quite pleasant.

We went over to Iglesia Vida Nueva de Mayorazgo. We didn’t understand a word but had a great time. The people were warm and friendly and inviting. We went to lunch with the missionary families to a restaurant famous for Rotissieire chicken. It was delicious.

On the way to church we saw dozens of police in riot gear and full body shields. Turns out today is the Peru-Brazil World Cup qualifier. The stadium was not far from the church. The bus had to drop us off and we walked to the church itself, which was fine with us. We were eager to get out in the environment. We were approached immediately by a cult trying to convince us to go with them. Even in spanish the literature looks identical to english.

One of the interesting things we noticed were the cut glass bottles that were cemented into the top of the walls as an inexpensive protection from people climbing over them. This is in all types of neighborhoods. There is also more common types of protection on the tops of the walls.

We saw both the Peruvian and Brazillian teams going to the stadium. Each team was proceded by camera crews on flat bed trucks and followed by military trucks, soldiers and machine guns.

(For those who care Peru is celebrating a 1-1 tie. With Peru being huge underdogs, a tie is a big deal.)

This evening we went to a three month old church plant in Santa Clara in the northeast section of Lima. This is a poorer area but still middle class. The church was holding kids program which was fun to watch. Kids programs tend to have the same elements regardless of language. People of the community can and sat and watched. We were able to present the puppet programs and they seemed to be received well. We played with teh children for a while after the program was over, primarily futbol.

Then we were off to the marketplale to hand out invitations to the church for a movie later that night. In the evenings people in the community are looking for something to do, so the church often shows a movie and invites the community to attend. there were about 40 people, half of them guests.

While in the marketplace we were accompained by a member of the local church, which was humorous because they did speak much if any english. but we made it through fine. Some of the Peruvians with us noticed that we were being tracked by pick pockets so we finished our tasks and headed out.

There is so much more to tell, like the witch doctors, and idolatry festival we passed on the way to church. But we will save that for individual testimonies.

Tomorrow off to Pisco to build homes. Thanks you for the faithful prayers of all those that have committed. There is avery real sense of how much that occurs is out of control an even our ability to influence due to language concerns. God is doing some neat things with us.

We will try to get some pictures by Wednesday.