Hola! Less than 48 hours to liftoff! We are packing and practicing.

Some of the Spanish speaking members of our church have recorded the puppet skits in Spanish. We will play the CDs while there and act it out with the puppets.

Instead of going to Ica to build the houses, which is two hours south of Lima along the coast, we will be going farther south to an area where there is no Gospel witness of any kind. So now we are looking at a four hour trip through the earthquake zone to an area that is devastated physically as well as spiritually. There are men at the seminary in Lima who are looking at this new location to start a church in six months. This kind of makes us the shock troops for the seminary. Which is funny, because big, doughy, white American guys can be kind of a shock to anyone, not just Peruvians.

We have printed up a simple bible verse (John 3:36) in Spanish on Frisbees and play to give the Frisbees away wherever we go since language is a barrier. They can keep the Frisbees. We are looking forward to going into the city square and parks and connecting with complete strangers over a Frisbee toss.

We return the Monday after thanksgiving weekend, one of the busiest travel times of the year, so that might be a concern for our connecting flight in Atlanta on our way home.